Since the launch of this site in March 2002, we've been sent a few Romper Pics by you, the Romper Faithful, but in our opinion none of them were worthy of public display......until now.

Happy, Feeling Glad, Romper, In a Bag, Useless

This supreme example of Romper Madness was sent to us by Cathy Padgett (thats her in the Romper). The fashion item in question was, we are reliably informed, bought in a charity shop in Skipton for a fiver. Cathy says she was wearing it for a bet, but we reckon she's just yanking our chain.


The staff at Romperweb are sorry to announce that only a few short days ago, our suspicions were confirmed. Miss Padgett has taken a severe turn for the worse and can now be seen wearing her tatty old romper all the time. Our sincere condolances go out to her friends and family at this time for the tragic loss of Cathy at such a young age.


Currently Cathy is attending the renounded Val d'Isere clinic for Romper Suited Insane Tossers, where she will undertake the now infamous 12 step program to allow her to wear normal skiclothes. All the staff here wish Cathy a speedy recovery and hope that, with time, she can be brought back to the realms of reality.

Oh Dear Lord, make her stop

By the way Cathy. How many beers had you had?

Miss Padgett we salute you.

Peter Moore sent us this picture, which as with so many of these things, was taken in Tignes. Unfortunately Peter made an all too common mistake, which is made by many novice romper hunters: Getting too close. In Peters case this had tragic consequences as Peter is now completely blind.

Holy Shit thats bright

Not only that but the last thing he saw was this hideous monstrosity. All the staff at Romper Web realise that again, this isn't strictly an all in one, but due to the sheer nastyness of the thing and to acknowledge the huge sacrifice that Peter has made, we felt it worthy of inclusion.

Tokin' Toon

Master Romper Hunter Niall sent us this picture of his mate Toon capturing a Val d'Isere classic. Keep Huntin' Boys

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